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Dental Implant Prices


What is a dental implant?

Implants are artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone and made to support prostheses. These artificial tooth roots are screws that are made to replace missing teeth. Screws are mostly made of titanium, and thanks to its durability, it will make your dental implant very long-lasting. After the implant is completely fused with the jawbone, it will have a natural tooth root function. After this stage, the artificial root can carry the prosthesis to be placed on it.

Procedure Us Them
Implant Placement $1199 $2,140 to $2,684
Single Socket Bone Grafting $350 to $550 $640 to $930
Implant Abutment & Crown $1500 $1911 to $2140
Success Rate 99% 96%

How to decide to get a dental implant?

It is always a good idea to consult an expert surgeon before deciding to have a dental implant. The doctor’s communication with you is as essential as the clinic where the surgeon works. After a detailed pre-operative examination, this doctor will inform you and indicate the interventions that should be done. In Kings Dental clinic, your appointment with the doctor will be in such a comfortable environment that your opinion about dental exams that often seem frightening will change.

Your dentist will show you the intraoral areas that need dental implantation, and the operation process will begin with your approval.

Why are dental implant prices changing?

There are many critical criteria for the price of dental implant treatment. Although the doctor’s success is significant, the condition of the patient’s jawbone is also essential.

While researching the dental implant, you may encounter different price policies of the clinics you will come across. Kings Dental Clinic explains based on which criteria the dental implant prices are determined, very transparently.

Materials using in dental implant surgery: Titanium is an exceptional material on its own. It is necessary for a stable and permanent implant, and it is suitable for human health. The materials used, such as titanium and the materials used to support the implant, are very important.

Number of Implants: Each implant is made of the highest quality material, and the number of the implants must also be determined while pricing. A special preparation will be made before the surgery to determine the number of needed implants.

A detailed surgery: The surgeons at Kings Dental clinic will do your dental implant process with great care and attention because your new tooth roots should be natural and stable.

Timing: After the implant placement in the jawbone, a controlled process begins. Timing is also essential to get everything done right.

Comprehensive Services: In addition to dental implants, King Dental Clinic also offers other dental services such as Porcelain Crowns, Invisible Wires (Invisalign), Basic Root Canal. All these operations will be performed by surgeons with a special effort.

Kings Dental provides the highest quality and reliable dental services with much more affordable prices than any other clinic. Despite these affordable and budget-friendly prices, the received services will be the best and permanent because Kings Dental Clinic cares about their patients’ health, their well-being, and happiness as much as the aesthetic appearance of teeth.

As Kings Dental, we believe that every patient should have access to dental services they need without considering expenses.


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Finally someone revealed the prices! Superb, thank you for sharing this.


Affordable prices in comparison with other clinics that I visited.

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