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Bonded Teeth Procedure, Cost, ProsCons

  What is teeth bonding? Teeth bonding is the process where bonding material and tooth-colored composite resin are applied only to the desired areas without removing the tissue from the tooth surface. By removing tiny tissue from the front surface of the teeth with composite lamina applications, it is possible...

Tooth Extraction: Procedure, Cost, Aftercare, and Recovery

  There are several reasons to undergo a tooth extraction procedure, among which wisdom teeth removal. It is a common procedure, numerous people in their twenties or adulthood suffer from this issue. Also, dental problems such as tooth infection or tooth decay mostly end up with tooth extraction. In this...

Bad Breath: Symptoms & Causes & Treatment

  Halitosis, known as bad breath, is an uncomfortable condition that disturbs a person and can adversely affect their daily life. The reason for the odor in the mouth is usually due to the person's inability to maintain adequate oral hygiene. However, despite the provision of oral hygiene, halitosis may...

What is the usage of dental braces?

  Braces are one of the dental treatment types made to correct the damaged tooth structure. Moreover, people with split and broken teeth can put braces, as well as those having a tight palate and jaw structure. What are the different types of braces? There are four types of braces...

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