Professional Teeth Whitening in Cincinnati

  What is teeth whitening? Tooth whitening is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations today. It is permanent and satisfying if a professional dentist does it. With the help of whitening gels, teeth whitening provides discoloration. How to prepare before the operation? Tooth decays must be treated before whitening...

Dental Bridges – Advantages and Disadvantages

  Since the early part of the last century, bridges have been a vital part of contemporary dentistry, and the preferred approach for removing teeth was before the use of implants. Two stable, strong, abutment teeth must be factored into the calculation in order to really consider the design and...

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

  When looking at the face and smiling, teeth are one of the most detectable places after the eyes. In fact, the smile determines and affects the self-confidence and beauty of a person. According to dentists, there are defined rates when we look at our faces. Teeth represent an essential...

Everything You Need to Know about Dental Bone Grafting

  What Is a Dental Bone Grafting and How It Works? A bone graft is a medical procedure used for treating bone or joint issues. It is used to make up fresh tissue in your jaw area, which is used to contain teeth. A tiny incision is made in your...

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