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What Is A Sinus Lift and What You Need To Know About It

  A sinus lift, also called sinus augmentation, is a surgical operation performed by dental specialists to increase the volume of bone in the upper jaw that may be necessary if the upper jaw requires dental implants. Placing an implant with no bone reinforcement raises the risk of the implant's...

What Are Zirconium Crowns?

  For decades, dentists have been creating dental crowns out of diverse substances, from gold to porcelain to resin. You could walk out of your chair today with a zirconium crown. Combining the power of metals with the natural look of porcelain, this relatively new material is becoming extremely common...

What Is Orthodontics?

  Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that adjusts unaligned teeth and jaws. It is hard to maintain clean inflamed gums and crooked teeth; Also, they are at risk of being lost early due to tooth erosion and periodontal disease. Crooked teeth increase tension on the chewing muscles that can...

Hollywood Smile Treatment

  What is Hollywood Smile? In representing your persona and highlighting your charm, the importance smiles have is colossal. The Hollywood smile procedure aims to change the cosmetic condition of your teeth. Hollywood Smile implies dental crowns placement in both jaws on both teeth, or all visible teeth, including premolars....

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